What is Extreme Autoresponder CRM?

Extreme Autoresponder/CRMβ€”is an all-in-one solution that revolutionizes your business. Say goodbye to costly subscriptions and unlock the power of a comprehensive CRM and Sales Pipeline Dashboard.

Discover the power of these exclusive features with Extreme Autoresponder CRM :

  • Contact Manager: Effortlessly access all contact details of your leads and prospects in one centralized system, simplifying your workflow.

  • Unlimited Autoresponders: Nurture your prospects with automated follow-up messages, ensuring consistent engagement and higher conversions.

  • Unlimited One-Time Campaigns: Seamlessly send unlimited messages tailored to your audience’s needs, maximizing your outreach efforts.

  • Unlimited Marketing Automations and Workflows: Harness the full potential of automated workflows, integrating email, SMS, FB Messenger, voicemail drops, and manual interactions to optimize your customer interactions.

  • Unlimited Calendars: Empower your prospects to effortlessly schedule calls or bookings using our intuitive calendar system, streamlining your appointment management process.

  • Unlimited Website/Funnel Builder: Eliminate the need of spending $50-$297+/month for costly third-party funnel systems by leveraging our built-in drag-and-drop website/funnel builder, providing you with limitless possibilities for your marketing campaigns.

  • Unlimited Pipelines: Track your sales pipelines efficiently by creating multiple sales Pipeline Dashboards, allowing you to customize stages and cycles to match your unique business process.

  • Advanced Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your marketing campaigns by tracking ROI from various ad sources, monitoring traffic and lead sources, appointment rates, and response rates, all within your comprehensive dashboard.

  • Unlimited Surveys: Gather valuable customer feedback and insights by creating unlimited surveys to understand your audience better.

  • Reputation Manager: Take control of your online reputation by managing and optimizing your Google Reviews directly from the convenience of your dashboard.

  • Mobile App Access: Stay connected on the go with our free mobile app, giving you instant access to all the essential information you need to manage your marketing campaigns effectively.

  • Conversations: Engage in two-way conversations with leads and prospects through email, text, FB Messenger, and Instagram Messenger, fostering meaningful connections.

  • Membership Site: Effortlessly set up and manage a membership site on our platform, delivering valuable content and dripping it to members as needed.

  • Unlimited Users: Say goodbye to per-seat pricing. Add as many employees or users as you require at no additional cost, ensuring seamless collaboration and scalability.

  • Dedicated IP Address: Take control of your email-sending reputation and enjoy the flexibility to send up to 30,000 outgoing email messages per month (additional emails are billed at $1.00 per every thousand messages over 30K). Connect with your preferred SMTP provider for added convenience.

Experience the cost-saving benefits of Extreme Autoresponder/CRM, consolidating various tools that could cost you over $250/month. Join countless satisfied users who have reported average savings of at least $200 while benefiting from the comprehensive suite of tools provided by Extreme Autoresponder.

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