What is Dedicated Emailing Server?

Dedicated Emailing Server is fully Managed Dedicated SMTP email server for the serious email marketer.

This includes a Dedicated IP addresses so you completely control your sending reputation.

This includes our Full Autoresponder/CRM Platform. You can even set this up for SMS Text marketing with your own Twilio account. Just provide us with the API details and we connect that to the CRM.

You should be able to send up to one million emails per month through this system with no problem once everything is properly warmed up. You control your own IP reputation since these are solely dedicated to you alone. Volume sent/delivered will depend on keeping your list(s) clean and sending wanted emails.

Please allow around one week for setup to be completed and then several weeks for the IPs to be warmed up to reach maximum capacity.

This server is fully managed by us. We handle all of the administration of the server. You have full SMTP access through our software ( no external access ). Anytime there are IP issues, we take care of them on our end for you.

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